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2006-05-07: Julia bumped teapot

Good old ripples, HDR, and Julia fractals, using GLSL from the shaders class.


Pilotwings - Maps - added collection by Graham Lackey
For more game maps...

Music page - directory fix.
All songs work now. Been broken on this mirror for a while, but nobody ever told me.


SNES/GB Graphics Formats in Spanish - translated by Magimaster 2
Added a Spanish version of this ancient document (documents).

2005-04-23: StarTrip video

My first animated video, created for the CS450 class (graphics intro) using the excellent PovRay (everyone told me that I was crazy to try a scripted language rather than a modeler like Maya, but that made it that much more of an accomplishment). As you can well see, I was influenced by Star Gate very much at the time. There is much room for improvement and many little details remained unfinished, but time didn't allow it. Surprisingly, this puny 60 seconds took 60 hours of work (considering all the creation time and rendering).

Star Trip video (WMV)


Treasure Hunter G - Mode 7 Map - by Shogetsu
Another contribution to the small collection of game maps.


SNES chip labels - new document
You have any idea how long I've wanted to take apart my SNES and games? Ever since I bought it. I want to have full pictures too, but that will need to wait until my batteries are recharged. However, I did compile a list of chips and labels found inside the main console and a few selected games.


True, I have not made any more progress on mine for quite a while, so someone might as well take up the charge; but if you plan to make a utility that does the same thing as another utility, don't call it the EXACT same name. Anyway, check it out.