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Secret of Mana - Complete Map - by Raven
It definitely took a lot patience to piece this one together - a lot more than I ever had making any of mine! ^_^ He made it using BgMapper & ZSNES. You can see more on the maps page.


Piken's Pursuits - changed name
Twas originally a contraction of peek and in, since I like to take things apart and see what they look on the inside. Thought it was clever at the time, but then I started finding all these lecherous perverts that use the same name. -_-

So now it uses the Romaji equivalent of exact same sound. This will invariably lead to some mispronunciation, except the people who know a little Japanese; and they are often the people who contact me most often anyway.


Piken's Pursuits - new site URL

Get this: "Your Tripod website is among our most popular. We know this because it's generating tons of page views! This kind of traffic is a tribute to the content of your site, as well as your self-promotion abilities."

Don't ask me how, considering I don't have enough content to bring anybody by.

Tripod has served me well, and I will always be grateful for that; but it will much easier for me to update my site (just a file copy) on the University's webspace. Plus, that ads won't mess up my main menu's formatting. I'll admit, they are not too intrusive and do have relevant content; however, I probably won't update this mirror as often.


LanMole 1.2 - project in progress (yet more vaporware from me)
It's not emulation related, but I've been working on it a few months now.


BgMapper .177 - minor change

  • Added command line parameter to force a desired SNES video mode '-fv #'. Someone was at wit's end trying to view savestates from SD3 during the map screen because it never showed it in mode 7 - never. I can't figure out what SD3 is doing either because it seems like no matter when the state is saved, the video mode register is ALWAYS 1 - regardless of what scanline or cycle it is saved on. So, I just cheated by forcing it to mode 7, "-fv 7". (credit A.Lurker)
  • Recompiled to PE format rather than RDOFF - no real significance, just a note. It's still a DOS program after all.