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2009-09-06: PAX 2009

Met djpretzel and crew from Overclocked Remix at PAX. That was neat. Hmm, should I ever finish Spc2Midi?

2009-02-22: Website refresh completed

Transitioned the last of the old pages (maps, programs, documents, music, and news pages). The site now uses PHP and Smarty templates to reduce tedium of synchronization for navigation bar. External links are now stored outside the HTML, so that updating them in one place corrects them all. Links can be tagged so that Related entries appear in the navigation bar, depending on the current page.

2009-02-05: Website 10 year anniversary

Piken's Pursuits has been around for a decade now, first starting at Tripod, then Oregon State, and now its own domain.

2007-06-10: GUI lives again

Ported my own little GUI from ASM to C++ to D to C# now, and this time it's on the Xbox 360 (graphics designed using PhotoShop 6, shaders are HLSL, code is C#)

2007-05-21: Fun with shaders in XNA

Having fun on the X-Box 360 using XNA (the screenshots are of course from the Windows compile, since Print Screen is useless on the X-Box). HLSL just feels cleaner than GLSL, and XNA is much easier to find functions and constants than both DirectX or OpenGL.

2007-03-05: Better painterly rendering

This time it does more than just follow the gradient starting from a regular grid. It smooths the tensor field and uses evenly placed streamlines. A nice extra touch is the normal mapping that makes the ink seem to lift off the canvas :) Just feed it an original photograph, tweak the variables, and it produces something that looks like a human painted it.